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Tea-Towel draft 1 510 x 760cm medium_edi

The following delectable items - totally unavailable from anywhere else except perhaps the Clan Mackay Society - can be bought here.

1.   The Real Mackays guidebook                                              
2.  The Coming of Mackay - premium cotton tea-towel        £10.00
(top left)
3.  The Coming of Mackay - black & white A3 print              £25.00 (bottom left)
4.  The Coming of Mackay - colour A3 print                           £25.00 (centre left)
         * postage & packing for all the above in addition

If you would like to buy any of the above, please fill in the contact form below. Give me your full postal and email address please and the items you would like and I will send you a Paypal invoice that includes postage & packing. A proportion of the sale will go to the Clan Mackay Society.

Thank you.

Charlotte Fairbairn

Success! Message received.

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